About Drive Too Much

Drive Too Much is dedicated to improving the lives of many U.S. citizens who spend too much time in their cars.

The costs of driving too much are high. Here are several points to consider:

Vehicles lose their value with added miles. Maintenance costs, fuel costs and insurance can add up to a sizable percentage of income.

Health and well being are compromised. Inactivity while sitting behind the wheel is not conducive to good health.

There are risks to life and limb. Recent years showed astonishing numbers of highway deaths, with 2012 reaching 34,080.

There are environmental effects to consider, with climate change a major concern.

Time wasted driving is time not spent doing something else. I know few people who would rather be driving than being at their destination. Nothing is more valuable to me than my time.

All of these items show why this site exists. I hope you agree that something needs to be done, and will participate making it happen.

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