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Stop preaching about walkability

So many articles, videos and presentations preach about all the benefits to everyone when we build walkable communities. Stop trying to convince me that we need walkable communities, and stop talking to me about what a great idea it is. I know it’s a great idea. We ALL know it’s a great idea.

Stop preaching about how it benefits everyone, and start talking about how it benefits me.

Point 1: Nothing is more valuable to me than time. I don’t want to waste time driving to work, to school, to the store, to the theater, and to the library.

Point 2: If I’m going to live in a higher density community, the walls better block noise from my neighbors. When we give up the space around our houses, we give up privacy. I don’t mind living in an apartment, but I do mind it if I can’t sleep at night. This is no minor thing.

Point 3: I need to be able to afford it. Any place I’ve looked that is walkable, where I can sell my car, and get to the places I need to get to, is just way expensive. Way expensive, even factoring in the savings from not owning a car. I don’t know how to solve this, but I do have a couple ideas.

While I do care very much about climate change, and ocean acidification, I still want to live comfortably.

Why Are Developers Still Building Sprawl? – The Atlantic

Why Are Developers Still Building Sprawl? – The Atlantic.

I hate having to drive everywhere I want to go. The grocery store, the drug store, post office, and especially work are all more than an hour walk away. There are no houses near enough to work such that one could walk to work, and to the store. The suburbs are not designed that way. In fact, they’re not designed at all.