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Seattle’s ‘walkability’ hurts the poor – Jason Rantz |

Seattle’s ‘walkability’ hurts the poor – Jason Rantz |

Blaming walkability for raising rents is wrong thinking. If we don’t improve our cities with walkability, does it help the poor? Do the poor benefit from more cars on the street, and fewer buses to ride?

Agreed, that rents go up when the community improves. That’s supply and demand. I don’t know the best way to fix that, but I sure don’t want to “fix” it by making the city less livable. Perhaps the developers need to step up and pay the taxes, or pay for the parks.

AARP Public Policy Institute, PPI – AARP

AARP Public Policy Institute, PPI – AARP.

The AARP livability index is found here. Plug in the address, get the result. I’ve lived in a couple places that should rank pretty badly. Let me see… zip 23233 should rank near the bottom… it gets a 55. That’s not very good, but not near the bottom either.

98012 ranks 57. I’m not surprised. It’s not very walkable, and you have to drive everywhere. It ranks a 70 for “opportunity” which seems a little low. There are LOTS of opportunities here.

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